What Are The Early Signs Of Hard Drive Failure?

What Are The Early Signs Of Hard Drive Failure?

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A noise that sounds like something is being crushed inside the PC. This type of noise is responsible for:

1. Your casing fan is damaged, or
2. Predicting that your hard disk is corrupt

Before going deeper, our first advice is to create a backup of your hard-drive right now. This means immediately but immediately! Such a noisy hard-drive can become unusable at any time, resulting in the loss of your valuable data in an instant. These data are sometimes recoverable and sometimes not, requiring a lot of time and the cost of data recovery is also high. And so it is wise to take a backup of the drive immediately.


EASEUS Todo Backup and Macrium Reflect Free are two free data backup software. Backup your hard-drive with partitions using any of these. For this you will need an internal or external hard-drive. In addition, these two programs have the option to create a bootable CD for restoring backups. Don’t forget to create this CD.


Done with the backup? Now let’s see where the problem is, your hard disk or the fan?

If your PC is a desktop, first open the side panel, then turn on the machine. Now try to understand where the word is actually coming from. The easiest way to tell if the noise is coming from the fans is to check them by unplugging them one by one. But don’t leave the fans off for too long, otherwise your PC may be damaged, especially the processor fan. Using this method, you can easily understand whether the problem is in the fan or elsewhere.


Another method is to roll a piece of cardboard into a beak. Now take each fan and hard-drive and place one end over the devices and put the other end to your ear to find out which device is making the noise.


If the noise comes from the fan, buy a new fan and install it. Sometimes the sound is caused by a loose screw, in that case check the screw is tight. In addition, hard-drives with excessive speed make more noise.


If this kind of sound is coming from the laptop, then the matter is a little bit difficult and it is as simple as that. The bottom of the laptop has separate screws for the hard-drive. Open them, remove the hard-drive and run the machine. If there is no sound then you will understand that there is a problem with the drive and if you still hear the sound then you will understand that there is a problem with the laptop fan.

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